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    Alexa in all black

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    Evangelie Smyrniotaki

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    Extremely trendy, preppy, high fashion outfit :)

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    Who’s ready to get comfy and cute this fall?! We sure are. Sweaters with folds, sweaters with pockets, sweaters with hoods— we want them all!
    Get ready to wear clothes as comfy as the weather!

    love this.

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    Don’t let time constraints push you to the edge!

    (How to remain relevant as a blogger with minimal time)

    // Using spare time to think of potential posts.

    In life, especially in New York we call ourselves being busy at all times. A large portion of our busy time includes traveling which can be optimized in other ways. Our hour long commute on the train or bus can be used to brain storm ideas for potential posts or interview ideas you may have. Use your notes on your iPhone or carry an old school notebook to jot down any ideas or outlines you may have.

    // Scheduling posts on Tumblr

    Tumblr has the awesome feature of reblogging and scheduling the reblogs. Before last week Thursday, it was approaching a month since I had wrote an original post. With the buzz of fashion week, I used September as a time to give other blogs love on my site by scheduling reblogs. It made my blog have constantly updated posts(twice daily) and I had the chance to spread some love!

    // Welcoming guest posts

    Having guest bloggers is an excellent way to keep original content on your site with time constraints. A monthly or weekly post will not only keep original content but will drive traffic from your guest poster’s social media page and followers. 

    // Having weekly features

    If you love nails, do a Manicure Monday post. That way your readers know every Monday they can expect to see dope nails on your blog. This is useful for keeping yourself on schedule if you know every Monday there should be a new nail post.

    // Scheduling time to do your blog

    I myself often get lost in the sauce. Scheduling a designated mandatory time every week will get you into a good flow of blogging. My blogging scheduling is done every month. As of right now, I have posts scheduled until December. Any new posts that are time sensitive i.e. sales, christmas shopping will be down in between. 

    // Doing interviews

    In this day and age pretty much any one is accessible. Setting up email interviews are so simple and is also a good idea for having current posts. 

    What tips do you use to maximize your blog time? Tweet me @neeznyc and let me know!

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  14. NASTY > 25

    So you love dresses, you love cheap and you love NastyGal. For a few more days, you can have all three at the same damn time, like one huge party. You will NEED these dresses. I’ll tell you why.

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    Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Haute Couture was definitely my favorite.